Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ugo no Tsuki Tokubetsu Junmai [1 Koku - 61]

ugo no tsuki"Moon after the Rain", by Hiroshima's Aihara Shuzo. Apparently, their focus is on Daiginjo sake - so much so, this product isn't even listed on the website. I wonder if this is the equivalent of declassified? Brewed from Hattan Nishiki and Omachi rice, SMV +3, acidity 1.3, and 15.5% abv. Very light, clean nose. Mild, neither crisp nor round, and very, very clean, especially well-chilled. Above this, a bit of earthiness becomes apparent (maybe the omachi?), though the alcohol starts asserting almost immediately. At room temperature, some sweet fruit, with grassiness and a touch of wood, but it is overpowered by the alcohol burn. I'm sticking with the ice-cold pour.

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