Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tej and Tere Saga

Tej, the Ethiopian honey and gesho (buckthorn) homebrew. Powerful stuff, this is a fresh batch made by friends of ours (and a full jar of it now sitting in our refrigerator), with the ominous warning that it will get stronger with time. As it is, this is an instant intoxo-accelerant for me, I have to be very careful. And what do our lovely friends serve with tej?

Why, steak of course. Tere saga - completely unadulterated raw beef, here served with dry mitmita, a blend of birdseye chili, clove, cardamom and salt, as well as mitmita blended with, well, more tej! Cunning, and curiously, the tej really drives up the heat. Couldn't quite make out the cut, apparently somewhere near the spine and/or hind legs. But who cares, it was delicious!

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