Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sake Perfume

"SAKE EAU DE PARFUM 1OZ features a luscious, velvety fragrance influenced by Japanese beauty rituals and is housed in a mini artisanal bottle. This sensual blend of luscious notes with subtle floral undertones was inspired by the exotic elements of Japanese bathing rituals. Geisha, known for their legendary beauty, used to soak in sake baths infused with peaches, persimmons, lotus, rose, and chrysanthemum."

Wait. What? What about the sake part? Shouldn't a sake perfume contain at least, er, some, sake?

Well, if not, than I shall make it at home, for nothing. Having recently, finally, pressed my batch of Italo-sake, I decided to I would distill some "essential sake oils". First step is to get some sheets of copper, good metal shears, and a hammer. Second, build a still. Then, try not to burn your house down.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol vapours are flammable, and getting a good seal on your still components is essential. As it turns out, I did not, but with careful monitoring, I was able to produce a couple of ounces of distillate. To this, I added a drop of kuromatsu essence (Pinus thunbergii), some vegetable glycerin, and some distilled water. That, my friends, is perfume. It has a mild sake and pine aroma. Since the black pine was a favorite of Japanese watercolorists, I shall call this Junmai Sumi-E.... no, no... I'll take recommendations.

Anyways... what's missing? Oh, yes, the mini artisanal bottle. Here you go.